This isolated island of the Lau Group is still very traditional when it comes to western influence. For them, land is not a commodity but rather a gift from God and from their ancestors who rest there, a sacred space with which they need to interact if they are to maintain their identity and values.

We have been fortunate enough to be allowed into this community, but under certain guidelines, on arrival every member of the party will be introduced to the Chief in a ceremony know as Sevu-Sevu, a Kava gathering.



Once introduced and blessed we will be allowed to make our way to Oceansouldiers base camp, Amanzi Lodge. Fishing will commence after a hearty breakfast every morning, lunch will be out on the water and we will return after a hard days fishing for ice cold beers and an authentic braai under the stars, where the anglers will no doubt banter about the days action. During our reconnaissance spent fishing the area was nothing short of mind blowing.

Our Eco Camp is a completely sustainable offering. Due to its completely remote nature we had to build cleverly with an off-the-grid mindset. 


The Camp...

The camp concept is to be comfortable yet relaxed atmosphere. Simplistic yet appealing in its construction.

Solid foundations with beautiful, salt-water treated local hardwood make up the decking of the complete camp. At its hub is a main area, where our guests can watch our chef create home-cooked meals inspired by Fijian and South African cuisine time and time again. Enjoy an ice cold local beer from the equipped bar while watching the unspoilt sunset reminiscing about the days events around the sunken fire pit


Its a Vibe...

We want our guests to literally feel at home, like our friends would in our own home. It’s a different mindset but one that sets us apart from the rest. We have cut away the frills but replaced them with the essential things that one truly needs to have both a unique experience and a rejuvenating break of a lifetime...


Alcantara Point...

A true marvel of bushcraft construction jutted out on the point overlooking Amanzi-Wai, this view is truly something to belold. Is where guests come to enjoy their morning coffee or early arvie cocktails with friends and family until sunset. A self contained unit with kitchen, private bathroom and a beautiful bedroom on the second floor.


The Point Suite...

A self contained unit with kitchen, private bathroom and a beautiful bedroom on the second floor. A true marvel, jutted out on the point overlooking Amanzi-Wai, this view is truly something to below. Enjoy your morning coffee or early arvie cocktails with friends and family until sunset and into the evening.


The Tented Camp...

Mixing South African High-End Safari Tents with traditional Fiji Bures make up the camp. We have chosen to use what fits best to the ecosystem and the people and culture of Fiji. Each will have its own privacy with world class views of the jungle and the the sea overlooking neighbouring islands. 

Treated and tested for the local climate for centuries, they provide a solid structure and ultimate comfort and a fresh sea breeze on a hot day. Locked down they provide a fortress against the sporadic test of harsht elements and tropical rainstorms.

  • En-suite and equipped with full bathroom and enclosed  shower.
  • Decorated in accents of sustainable hardwoods.
  • All beds are singles that can be made comfortably up into doubles, with cotton sheets, linen and towels will be provided.
  • Ultimately providing a space that all our members would happily call home away from home while with us. 
  • Can sleep up to 3 adults OR a small family of three. 

All inclusive...

Our prices come with all food included. All the produce is sourced locally and as much as possible comes from our farm, under the management of Chad's fiance Steph. Honey also in the mix, which is literally lifesaving. Take out word for it!


  • Three full buffet style meals a day onsite and/or a packed lunch for the guests out on the boats activities.
  • Beverages incl. tea and filter coffee at meal times
  • One bottle of large water today that guests can refill at their leisure
  • Stainless Steel Hot/Cold Drinking Bottles can be purchased onsite

We try to move towards a more #plasticfree #ecotourism holisitic approach to our lodge and camp and waste. Makes us hungry just looking at his spread!


  • All Alcoholic Beverages 
  • All cafe style Coffees outside of meal times 
  • Extra bottled water

The Lagoon...

It goes to say that the waters we will be fishing and have exclusive access to are some of the most pristine uncharted waters in the world. 

The species that can be found literally in front of our lodge on a pushing or dropping tide are something to keep our guests with sleepless nights being bust off by large permit, Triggerfish or on a massive Giant Trevally feeding ravenously at sunset. This place is like no other on earth.


  • SUP Boards
  • Sunset Booze Cruise in the Bay
  • Cave walk with cannibal remains
  • Cultural Tour of Yacata Village
  • Fijian Traditional Cooking Workshop (book beforehand)